Why work with Meredith Turney?

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you don't receive the recognition or acknowledgement at work or at home that you deeply desire? Do you wonder if there is more to life than a 9-5 job, barely squeaking by financially, being unfilled in personal relationships? Have you found that achieving all your financial, status, relationship and other "reputation or ego-driven" goals have left you feeling empty inside? Do you lie awake at night wondering if you've missed your calling in life? Do you ever wish you had someone--an objective third party--you could talk to about these deeply personal thoughts and then develop a plan to find your true passion and purpose?

Do you run a company that seems to be drifting from its initial mission? Are you burned out as a CEO? Struggling with high employee turnover? Losing customers or clients because you seem unable to articulate your unique value proposition? Do you wish you had a personal confidant who could help you develop your leadership skills, become truly aligned with the powerful leader within, and provide your organization with the conscious leadership it needs to thrive?


“What is passion? The word gets thrown around a lot. Well, it isn’t always a fire that blazes hot. Rather, it is the power and joy that gets sparked by being present in every moment. It’s getting up each day excited about what lies ahead. It's having faith in the unknown, eager to embrace anything that comes our way. It is loving the journey; the one you’re on right now.

“We all set goals and have dreams but true abundance—riches beyond the goals we set for ourselves—exist more profoundly in knowing that this moment—this one; the one you’re in right now—is really perfection. You are right where you’re supposed to be. Choosing to embrace the fullness of this moment. Finding love and opportunity in where you are right now is choosing the most powerful way to live. It puts each of us squarely in charge of our own journey and, of course, our destiny.”
--Oprah Winfrey



“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate strand of life, here to make a unique contribution. Woven within the very fiber of our being, is our divine purpose. Our distinctive essence waiting, even longing to be expressed as a gift to the world and ourselves. I believe that the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. That when we identify those things that bring the greatest joy to our lives, we’re on the trail of discovering this inner truth. According to Gautama Buddha, your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it. When we live in alignment with that true purpose—our dharma—we are happy and create a ripple of good that emanates from within, extending to everyone around us. 

"...The concept of divine purpose is more like a winding path along a mountain side than one specific destination. There are many views and stops along the way. And yet it is always the mountain that we are traveling upon. 

"Our essential purpose is always with us and is designed to be revealed and experienced over the course of of a lifetime. This path is our destiny. A collection of meaningful self-expressions that come to us spontaneously and in the moment at times, in waves or seasons at other times. Yet, always present in the expression is the essence of our true selves."

--Deepak Chopra

BY Design

One of the most mysterious yet empowering truths of life is that we GET TO CHOOSE how we live our lives. We design what it looks like, feels like, tastes like, every minute of every day. We are co-creators. Leave behind victimhood and aimlessly floating through life pushed around by massive waves you perceive as beyond your control. You have the power within you to design your life, your business, your relationships and your health. The exciting part is co-actively creating and designing your incredible existence with a coach who believes in your highest potential.


It’s so nice to say out loud my innermost thoughts and then feel the full support of a coach who believes I can accomplish my dreams—no matter how mundane or life-changing.
— Kaitlyn C, Current Client

What You will gain

  • A sense of power over how you respond to life.

  • A peaceful space to be heard and understood.

  • Empowerment to achieve your dreams and encouraged to pursue them.

  • Processing through multiple levels of limiting beliefs, societal rules, familial expectations.

  • A fantastic journey of getting to know the true and authentic you.

  • Discovering the dreams you long to realize in your life.

  • A sense of passion about life.

  • Uncovering your unique purpose in life and how it contributes to the world.

  • Develop the powerful, dynamic, conscious leader within you.

The Coaching Process

  • Contact Meredith via email, phone, or website Start Today page.

  • Meredith will talk to you about your goals for a coaching relationship.

  • Sessions are conducted either via phone, video conference, or in-person (free in Austin; travel fees apply for other locations).

  • Expect to have a better understanding of yourself, your life, your business, your passion, your purpose and what steps to take next as a result of this dynamic partnership!