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Meredith Turney is a coach whose passion and purpose is helping others discover their own passion and purpose.

From individuals seeking a major change in their life, to companies that need to refocus their core mission, Meredith guides her clients towards achieving their vision. 

Meredith's background in politics, marketing, media relations, youth mentoring, and nonprofit coaching led her to realize the only true impact in the world is the Gandhi quote that has become her personal mantra: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." By each of us discovering our true life purpose and what sparks our passion, we can live lives of greater fulfillment and truly have a lasting impact in the world. And when companies align their team around a core vision that seeks to truly benefit their customers and the world, employees suddenly see their work as a mission, not just a job. 

Meredith has trained as a Coactive Coach, and accumulated years of experience working with nonprofit CEOs and marketing professionals who all want to have greater impact not only in their work, but in their lives. 

Coaching sessions with Meredith will engage your mind, your heart, your spirit, and lead you to examine how you can have maximum impact in every aspect of your life. Meredith wholeheartedly believes in her clients and the world-changing impact they can each have. She will be your ally, your confidant, your challenger and your champion. 

The world is eagerly waiting for you to unleash your unlimited potential. So contact Meredith today to discover your passion and purpose in this life. 


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