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Meredith Turney is a coach whose passion and purpose is helping others discover their own passion and purpose. From individuals seeking a major change in their life, to companies that need to refocus their core mission, Meredith guides her clients towards achieving their dreams.

NPR Interview on Social Media and Politics

I recently participated in an interesting discussion on NPR’s Air Talk about Social Media and its impact on American politics. You can listen to the interview at Air Talk’s web site.

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Personalize Campaign Interactions with QR Codes

One of the burgeoning marketing tools that is really starting to gain popularity is the use of QR codes, quick response codes. These maze-looking images actually contain data that can be unlocked by smartphones and other devices equipped with QR … Continue reading

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The Thin Line of Social Order

Another controversial court ruling, another night of rioting and looting. Last week Californians once again witnessed the temperamental acting out of those who feel they were on the wrong side an injudicious decision by a jury of their peers. Last … Continue reading

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The Day Soccer Revived America’s Hope

It was an ending so dramatic that even Hollywood’s best writers couldn’t have scripted it. After a courageous 90-minute fight against a defiant Algeria, it seemed that once again America’s World Cup dreams would end in disappointment. In just the … Continue reading

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Giving Voice to the Women of Iran

By now, the image of a young woman lying in a Tehran street, her life ebbing from her body, is indelibly etched in the collective conscience of the world. Twenty-six-year-old Neda Agha-Soltan has become a symbolic martyr for the millions … Continue reading

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