NPR Interview on Social Media and Politics

I recently participated in an interesting discussion on NPR’s Air Talk about Social Media and its impact on American politics. You can listen to the interview at Air Talk’s web site.

About Meredith Turney

Meredith Turney is a social media, new media and communications political consultant. Active in the California Republican Party since fifteen, Meredith worked on numerous local campaigns in Orange County, California. After attending the Republican National Convention as a youth delegate at sixteen, Meredith commenced an internship with Congressman Christopher Cox and then worked for California Assembly Republican Leader Scott Baugh. The first female graduate of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University, Meredith received her juris doctorate, with cum laude honors, from Oak Brook College of Law. Meredith has served as a contributing editor of the St. Anne's audio journal on social and theological issues, interviewing key political, theological and academic leaders. In addition to regular interviews on national talk radio shows, her articles and policy work appear in numerous print publications. Meredith was appointed by Senator Tom McClintock to the California Republican Party and served as a Vice President of the California Republican Assembly. Meredith has extensive public policy experience, having worked as the Legislative Liaison for California's premiere pro-family public policy organization, Capitol Resource Family Impact. Meredith also worked as the Communications Director for political consulting company Media and Public Affairs Strategy and conservative grassroots organization Americans for Prosperity of California. In this capacity, she honed her skills as a social media communications expert and media spokesperson. Meredith is the founder and President of MKT Communications, a social media and communications consulting company that provides clients cutting edge techniques for effectively utilizing new media, strategies for interacting with the media and creates the highest quality content for consumers.
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